Dimensions: 140 x 140 cm

Materials: mirror glass, aluminum frame, body transducer, amplifier, player, audio cable, iron chains.

The sculpture „we don’t know what’s behind“ deals with the unconscious, human perception and its limits. Entering the exhibition space, one sees a large mirror suspended in the room in such a way that it blocks the viewer’s vision: one cannot see what is behind it. From the mirror itself emanates a deep humming sound that takes over the room. This hum is generated by two exciters attached to the front of the mirror. An exciter is a loudspeaker that can cause the object to which it is attached to vibrate. The whole mirror thus becomes a resonating body. The sound emitted by the mirror has a frequency of 50 Hz. Humans are able to hear low frequencies up to 20 Hz. The range in which the even lower frequencies are located is called infrasound. At a certain point, the humming sound emitted by the mirror becomes lower and lower until it finally leaves the range we can hear and enters the infrasound range. Now no sound is audible anymore. What seems like silence to the viewer is in fact the limit of his own perception. The sculpture demonstrates to the viewer, on a visual as well as on an acoustic level, its limitation: there are things that elude human perception, that are hidden from us. In the end, by looking in the mirror, we are left to ourselves: What is the unknown? The answer to this question is always a very personal one. For what we do not know, we must believe.