We are surrounded by cyclical, repetitive processes. Be it the movements of stars and planets, which are noticeable by the ebb and flow, day and night, the movements of the lungs, which daily give life a rhythm by inhaling and exhaling, or the ups and downs of a leaf, floating on the water.
Hertz is a collection of cyclical movements. Alice uses a gyroscope sensor capable of detecting directional changes. In everyday situations, she records repetitive processes with the sensor. These are, for example, the movement of a foot while walking or the swinging of a plant in the wind.
A computer program then transfers the resulting measurements to a graphical model. A screen that rotates around its own axis and a UV laser that tilts up and down make this model circular. For illustration, an old photographic printing technique called cyanotype, is used: a photosensitive solution is applied to the canvas. The contact of the laser beam with this solution sets a chemical process in motion, that causes the blue coloration of the canvas.

Hertz was realized in summer 2019 as part of an artist residency at Perte-de-Signal in Motréal, Canada.